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Red mining encyclopedia

  • Minerals of Alabama Encyclopedia of Alabama

    Aug 13, 2007· The industry expanded dramatically with the discovery of red ore (hematite) at Red Mountain near Birmingham. Until the nineteenth century, iron-ore mining was one of the most important components of the state's economy, but competition from imports, beginning in the mid-twentieth century, gradually eclipsed Alabama's mining industry.

  • Chris Ralph's Gold Prospecting Encyclopedia: Information

    Chris' Prospecting Encyclopedia, Your best source of information on: Gold nuggets, gold panning, how to design and build your own mining equipment, metal detecting for nuggets, dredging for gold, prospecting books, California prospecting, 49ers, rock hounds, investing, mining stocks, mother lode, sulfides, turquoise, jewelry, silver, gold, gems, gold flakes, prospecting adventures, digging

  • The Underground - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon

    The Underground (Japanese: Underground Path) is an area in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum found beneath the entire Sinnoh region. players can travel underground at any time using an Explorer Kit, which they can receive from the Underground Man in Eterna City.The Underground features multiple uses of the DS's touch-screen, as the main view is on the lower touch-sensitive

  • Mining - Encyclopedia Britannica

    Mining, process of extracting useful minerals from the surface of the Earth, including the seas. A mineral, with a few exceptions, is an inorganic substance occurring in nature that has a definite chemical composition and distinctive physical properties or molecular structure. (One organic

  • Encyclopedia Britannica - Explore Britannica Kids

    From Britannica, an online encyclopedia resource for kids in grades K-12 with safe, fact-checked, age-appropriate content for homework help and learning

  • Kids encyclopedia facts

    Use the search form above to search for facts in the Kiddle encyclopedia (Kpedia). Below is a list of some articles and categories to help you research different topics for school homework help, homeschooling and general education. All content from Kiddle encyclopedia articles (including the article images and facts) can be freely used for personal and educational purposes under Attribution

  • Iron and Steel Production in Birmingham Encyclopedia of

    Aug 12, 2008· The company operated four separate mining operations on Red Mountain that combined to form the largest underground iron-mining complex in the United States. Because the silicon content of the ore from each mine varied greatly, the company built a large processing plant at the base of the mountain where ore from several mines could be mixed and

  • MINING.COM - Answering Mining's Big Questions

    Apr 30, 2021· Mining Press Releases Golden Tag Intersects 286.02 g/t Ag.Eq Over 18.43 m and Identifies Mineralized Skarn Shoots 265 m above Fernandez Zone Thursday, May 6, 2021 10:46 AM PDT

  • Coal Mining Encyclopedia of Alabama

    Experiencing both boom and bust, the coal-mining industry has affected the lives of thousands of people in northern and central Alabama. The industry changed the face of the stateâ geographically, economically, socially, politically, culturally. Largely obscured today by reclamation projects, pine trees, and kudzu, the mining districts of Alabama are the remnants of an industrial boom that

  • Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad (TCI) Encyclopedia of

    Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Co. The Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad company (TCI), founded in 1852 in Tennessee as the Sewanee Mining Company, became the most significant iron and steel company in Birmingham after entering the area through an 1886 merger. During the financial panic of 1907, TCI became the primary southern subsidiary of the United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel

  • MNopedia Minnesota Encyclopedia

    Emily Grey was one of the first African Americans to settle in Old St. Anthony, where she owned and successfully operated her own business as a seamstress. She was active in religious and civic affairs and popular among Black and white residents alike. Best known for initiating the effort to free an enslaved woman named Eliza Winston in 1860, she weathered mob violence for her efforts.

  • endangered species National Geographic Society

    An endangered species is a type of organism that is threatened by extinction.Species become endangered for two main reasons: loss of habitat and loss of genetic variation. Loss of Habitat A loss of habitat can happen naturally. Dinosaurs, for instance, lost their habitat about 65 million years ago.The hot, dry climate of the Cretaceous period changed very quickly, most likely because of an

  • Africa: Resources National Geographic Society

    Africa, the second-largest continent, is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.It is divided in half almost equally by the Equator. Africas physical geography, environment and resources, and human geography can be considered separately. The origin of the name Africa is greatly disputed by scholars.

  • Latimer County The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and

    With a 1907 population of 9,340, the county was created at Oklahoma statehood and named for James L. Latimer, the Wilburton-area representative in the 1906 Constitutional Convention. Wilburton serves as county seat, and Red Oak is the only other incorporated town.

  • Gemstone Encyclopedia - International Gem Society

    Our Gemstone Encyclopedia has information on over 300 gemstones, from traditional and popular jewelry standards to collectors stones that rarely appear for sale. Each entry has photos and detailed information about the gems properties. Entries for jewelry stones also have price guidelines and discussions of their most important value factors.

  • Red Back Mining - Wikipedia

    Red Back Mining Inc. is an unhedged Vancouver based mineral resource company. Its focus is West Africa where it operates the Chirano Gold Project in Ghana and the Tasiast Gold Mine in Mauritania. It has one division, Red Back Mining NL, based in Perth, Australia.

  • e-WV Coal Mine Disasters - The West ia Encyclopedia

    By 1900, coal production had doubled, to more than 22 million tons. The boom ushered in a period of great carnage. Just three months into the 20th century, a miners open light ignited methane gas at the Red Ash mine in Fayette County. The resulting explosion was instantly fatal to 46, many of whom were descendants of slaves, lured from the

  • Indian Ruby Mining Gems & Gemology

    Ruby is also found in Subramaniam (also known as Red Hills), near Madikeri in Karnataka. Channapatna (figure 1, top left), roughly 280 km (117 miles) from Madikeri, is famous for its star rubies. In all of these locations, mining is performed using primitive methods.

  • Brass Encyclopedia

    May 23, 2018· brass / bras / n. a yellow alloy of copper and zinc: [as adj.] a brass plate on the door. a decorative object made of such an alloy: shining brasses stood on the mantelpiece. a memorial, typically medieval, consisting of a flat piece of inscribed brass, laid in the floor or set into the wall of a church. a brass block or die used for stamping a design on a book binding. Mus

  • Rocks and Minerals - Encyclopedia of Arkansas

    Oct 28, 2020· There are three basic classes of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Igneous rocks are those that solidified from magma (molten rock). Metamorphic rocks are formed from pre-existing rocks in a solid state by heat, pressure, and/or chemical activity. Sedimentary rocks are made up of particles of sediment cemented together. In Arkansas, the overwhelming majority of surface and

  • Noranda Inc The Canadian Encyclopedia

    Feb 07, 2006· Noranda Inc Noranda Inc, with head offices in Toronto, is a multinational, multi-product company. The company was incorporated in 1964 as an amalgamation of Geco Mines Ltd (incorporated in 1953) and Noranda Mines Limited (incorporated in 1922 to acquire mining claims in Ontario and Québec from a private syndicate).

  • San Juan Mountains Articles Colorado Encyclopedia

    Red Mountain is a set of three peaks between Ouray and Silverton, Colorado. The reddish color comes from iron ore. This area is also know as the Red Mountain Mining District, which is known for the silver produced as well as gold, iron, copper and other minerals.

  • Article about minium by The Free Dictionary - Encyclopedia

    minium: see red lead red lead, bright red to orange-red powder, also called minium, that is used in the manufacture of storage batteries, lead glass, and red pigments; a paint made with red lead is commonly used to protect iron and steel from rusting.

  • Cinnabar Encyclopedia

    Feb 05, 2021· cin·na·bar / ˈsinəˌbär / n. a bright red mineral consisting of mercury sulfide. It is the only important ore of mercury and is sometimes used as a pigment. the bright red color of this; vermilion: [as adj.] the blood coagulated in cinnabar threads. The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English

  • Red Mining Africa

    At Red Mining we focus on delivering the outputs necessary in pursuit of our strategy. We will meet our objectives safely through teamwork amongst motivated employees led by competent and professional individuals, utilizing proven and innovative technologies.

  • Iron Ores Encyclopedia

    The mining of gold, copper, and various other ores began long before the development of the first alloys (bronze is formed by the mixture of copper and tin). Yet even after humans discovered metals, they continued to use stone tools. THE PYRAMIDS AND OTHER STONE STRUCTURES.


    first arrived in Alabama. A special use of the hematite or red paint rock found on Red Mountain was for war paint (Encyclopedia of Alabama). Mining was already underway when the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto discovered Alabama on July 2, 1540, when he arrived at the (Indian)

  • Blood diamond - Encyclopedia Britannica

    The very specific UN definition of blood diamonds was formulated during the 1990s, when brutal civil wars were being waged in parts of western and central Africa by rebel groups based in diamond-rich areas of their countries. Three specific conflictsin Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sierra Leonedirected world attention to the destructive role of diamonds, though the

  • Robert McEwen (Profile) The Canadian Encyclopedia

    Jun 23, 2003· McEwen's firm is a mid-size Canadian mining company with operations in North Dakota and Saskatchewan. It has stakes in a handful of junior exploration companies. But its crown jewel is in northwestern Ontario: the Red Lake mine, first developed in the 1940s. By the time McEwen bought it, in 1989, it was thought to be nearly played out. Wrong.

  • Red clay geology - Encyclopedia Britannica

    In mining: The seafloor An estimated 10 16 tons of red clay covers about 104 million square km (40 million square miles) of the ocean floor. Although compositional analyses are not particularly exciting, red clay may possess some value as a raw material in the clay products industries, or it

  • Gemstone Information Encyclopedia: beautiful colored

    Our gemstone encyclopedia is one of the most extensive information sources on the internet, as we want our customers to be comfortable and knowledgeable concerning their purchases. Above are gem specific and informative pages of information on each individual gemstone, and below on this text are the answers to a number of common questions about

  • Tongue Tied Fandom

    Tongue Tied is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference database for everything related to Red Dwarf. Tongue Tied needs you to help contribute to our articles. Start exploring! This wiki was started 7 November 2006. There are currently 1,203 articles and 3,091 images.Today is 8 May, 2021. "This is an S.O.S. distress call from

  • Ozark Mountains - Encyclopedia of Arkansas

    The Ozark Mountains (a.k.a. the Ozark Plateau or Plateaus), representing one of the six natural divisions of Arkansas, are generally characterized as uplifted level plateaus composed of Paleozoic rocks. Streams have cut valleys into these plateaus, and, in some cases, the plateau surface is only visible as the flat tops of the mountains at similar elevations. The three distinct plateaus differ

  • Copper - Wikipedia

    Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity.A freshly exposed surface of pure copper has a pinkish-orange color.Copper is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, as a building material, and as a constituent of various metal alloys, such as sterling

  • copper Uses, Properties, & Facts Britannica

    Copper (Cu), chemical element, a reddish, extremely ductile metal of Group 11 (Ib) of the periodic table that is an unusually good conductor of electricity and heat. Copper is found in the free metallic state in nature. This native copper was first used (c. 8000 bce) as

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