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Refractory gold and treatment flowsheet in south africa


    SOUTH AFRICA SPAIN SRI LANKA SUDAN SWEDEN SWITZERLAND SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC THAILAND TUNISIA TURKEY UGANDA UKRAINIAN SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC Waste treatment flow sheet 43 4. PROJECT ADMINISTRATION 47 4.1. Introduction 47 4.2. The pilot plant manager 48 4.3. Planning 49 4.3.1. Licensing 49 4.3.2. Action planning 50

  • Diagnostic Leaching For Refractory Gold Ores SRK Consulting

    Gold recovered during Stage 1 is not considered refractory. A portion of the cyanidation leach residue is advanced to Stage 2. Stage 2: Leach residue is reacted with hydrochloric acid to dissolve labile sulfide minerals such as pyrrhotite and liberate any gold that may be associated with them. The residue is then subjected to cyanidation and a sample of the residue is assayed for gold.

  • refractory gold and treatment flowsheet in south africa

    May 20, 2020· The front end of the refractory gold ore treatment plant will have a nameplate capacity of 2 500 tons per day, and the BIOX tanks will treat 100 tons of flotation concentrate per day. BIOX is a robust, easy to operate and sustainable technology for the treatment of refractory gold concentrates, developed and owned by project designers Outotec.

  • gold leaching plant flowsheet - ore gold mining machine

    A process flowsheet for a typical refractory gold/silver concentrate is shown in. Contact US A New Age Gold Plant Flowsheet for the Treatment . Gekko Systems. A New Age Gold Plant Flowsheet for the Treatment of High Grade Ores. A New . 500µm), then gravity recovery followed by intensive cyanidation of the gold. Contact US

  • Gold Group - MINTEK MINTEK

    MINTEKs gold processing group specialise in process flow sheet development for new or existing gold deposits with a recent focus on refractory and low grade reclamation projects. Basic test work would include: Detailed bench scale comminution work (BBWI, SMC etc.) and milling curves

  • Designing Gold Project Flowsheets SRK Consulting

    As deposits with free, coarse gold were depleted and the volume of mining increased, process flowsheet design became more and more complicated. Gravity was the first method developed to recover gold from ore. But, currently there are very few deposits left that contain ores suitable for gold

  • Dr Stephen La Brooy - Ausenco

    Dr Stephen La Brooys career spans over 30 years and is a globally recognised expert in hydrometallurgy, refractory gold processing and water treatment. His experience includes Study Management and Process Consulting on refractory gold processing including first commercialisation of gold extraction via thiosulfate with recovery by Resin-in

  • History and heritage: Novel gold ore treatment at the

    Dec 01, 2020· The refractory nature of the gold orebody prompted a relatively new treatment route, adopted by the Lake View and Star mine in 1929, of sulphide flotation followed by roasting of the concentrate before conventional cyanidation and gold recovery. However, the gold recovery was 80 per cent compared to the Kalgoorlie gold mines of 96-98 per cent.

  • Mintek-BacTechs bacterial-oxidation technology for

    Corporation of South Africa3,5. BacTechs technology has been used at the Youanmi Deeps project in Western Australia to treat refractory gold concentrates at a throughput of over 40 000 t/a, achieving recoveries of between 93 and 95 per cent1,2. A brief history of gold at Beaconsfield Gold was first discovered at Beaconsfield in 1877.

  • Leachox Refractory and Sulphide Gold Process Maelgwyn

    MMS has successfully developed the Leachox Process for the treatment of sulphide gold ores. The Leachox process flowsheet can be designed to treat refractory or double refractory ores that contain preg robbers. It can also be used to treat standard, non refractory, flotation and gravity concentrates in a more cost effective manner than alternative methods.

  • Gold extraction - Wikipedia

    The solubility of gold in a water and cyanide solution was discovered in 1783 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, but it was not until the late 19th century, that an industrial process was developed.The expansion of gold mining in the Rand of South Africa began to slow down in the 1880s, as the new deposits being found tended to be pyritic ore.The gold could not be extracted from this compound with any

  • ALTA MetBytes - What's Happening in Gold Ore Processing

    FL, USA, is developing the application of their mechano-chemical pre-treatment process to oxidize refractory sulphide gold ores and concentrates under atmospheric pressure without ultrafine grinding and at temperatures much lower than traditional roasting or autoclave pre-treatment(14). 2019. . .

  • Refining of Gold at the Rand Refinery - SAIMM

    Refining of Gold at the Rand Refinery K.G. Fisher 10.1 Introduction Since 1921, all gold produced in South Africa has been refined at the Rand Refinery (Adamson, 1972). To give the reader a complete picture of gold refining in South Africa, the historical development and all operations of

  • Recovering refractory resources - Mining Magazine

    Aug 28, 2012· Refractory gold ore needs pre-treatment for cyanidation to be effective in gold recovery. Ailbhe Goodbody looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the most common pre-treatment options, and speaks to some companies that offer or use the processes

  • Gold mineral processing - Hatch Ltd

    Refractory gold ore pretreatment Treatment of refractory gold ore (whole ore and flotation concentrates) has become more prominent since the 1980s, with many gold discoveries often including ores that are wholly or partially refractory. Refractory pre-treatment processes include pressure oxidation, biological oxidation and various forms of

  • refractory gold and treatment flowsheet in south africa

    The process is offered to clients under a licence agreement arrangement.Leachox has been successfully applied to two refractory gold operations in South Africa. MMS are currently 2009 installing a Leachox plant into a refractory gold operation in Kazakhstan that wille one of the largest refractory gold treatment plants in the world.

  • Refining of Gold at the Rand Refinery - SAIMM

    Refining of Gold at the Rand Refinery. K.G. Fisher 10.1 Introduction. Since 1921, all gold produced in South Africa has been refined at the Rand Refinery (Adamson, 1972). To give the reader a complete picture of gold refining in South Africa, the historical development and all operations of the refinery are described in detail in this chapter, although some activities cannot strictly be defined as gold refining.

  • Summary of gold plants and processes - ScienceDirect

    Jan 01, 2005· South Africa: Plant tailings: CIL: Gold recovery from a mixture of sulfide and non-sulfide bearing residues (sand and slimes dumps) from old mining activities: 31: Akjoujt: Mauretania: Plant tailings, magnetite, soluble copper: Ammonia cyanidation: Tailings from TORCO process (heating refractory copper-oxides with NaCl and coal; flotation).

  • The BIOX Process for the Treatment of Refractory Gold

    Barter I, Carter AJ, Holder NHM, Miller DM, Van Aswegen PC (1992) Design and commissioning of a 40 tonne per day concentrate bioxidation treatment plant at the Harbour Lights Mine. In: Proceedings of extractive metallurgy of gold and base metals conference, Kalgoorlie, pp 113119.

  • (PDF) Bacterial Leaching as a Pre-treatment Step for Gold

    Simplified flowsheet of the bio-leaching process (Lawrence, BIOX technology of Biomin Technologies, South Africa, is used under choice for only 20% of the refractory gold treatment plants

  • ALTA Gold 2012 Proceedings - ALTA Metallurgical Services

    Gold Recovery from Copper-Rich Ores Employing the Puralite S992 Gold-Selective Ion Exchange Resin J. van Deventer, Purolite International; M. Kotze & V. Yahorava, Mintek, South Africa Leachox TM Refractory and Sulphide Gold Process Stuart Glenn, Maelgwyn Mineral Services, Australia

  • A conceptual flowsheet for heap leaching of platinum group

    A conceptual flowsheet for heap leaching of platinum group metals (PGMs) from a low-grade ore concentrate James M. Mwase 1, Jochen Petersen , J.J. Eksteen2 1. Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town, South Lane Road, Upper Campus, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, Republic of South Africa 2.

  • Adrian Singh - Gold Ore (Pty) Ltd. CEO and Founder - Gold

    Clients of Gold Ore (Pty) Ltd also enjoy limited complimentary consulting in the fields of leaching, flotation, cyanide destruction, and arsenic remediation, as well as laboratory test work program design. Weve worked with clients around the world ranging from South Africa to Australia, Europe, Canada, America, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

  • Review Pretreatment Process on Refractory Gold Ores with As

    refractory gold ores was built in South Africa. After bacte-rial oxidation, sulphide decomposition, arsenic comes into the solution, so as to remove arsenic. The process is showed in Fig. 4. The reactions are as follows: 39 4 23 2 33 3 43 FeAsS NaOH O Na AsS Na AsO Fe OH ++ =+ +() 4412 36 48 222 33 3 FeAsS FeS NaOH O H O Na AsS Fe OH ++ ++ =+()


    Mar 04, 2020· Outotec Biomin South Africa Recent Developments in the Outotec BIOX® Process SGS Minerals Metallurgy Australia Comparison of Oxidative Leaching of Two Gold Flotation Concentrates Simulus Group Australia KellGold: Cyanide-Free Treatment of Various Ores and Concentrates University of British Columbia/ Seabridge Gold

  • Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores SpringerLink

    Gold Metallurgy in South Africa, edited by R. J. Adamson and published by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa (1952), contains about six pages with meaningful contents on Refractory Properties of the Ores and their Treatment.

  • ALTA Gold 2012 E-Doc - Albion Process

    2Bateman Engineering Pty Ltd South Africa Presenter and Corresponding Author Mark Aylmore [email protected] ABSTRACT A significant contemporary challenge for gold mining companies is to define economic process options for treating more complex ore bodies as the less refractory ores become depleted.

  • John Willis Principal Metallurgist SRK United Kingdom

    John's experience includes 12 years with the Hydrometallurgy Research Laboratories of MIM Holdings/Xstrata in Australia, where he was responsible for the development, implementation, and management of metallurgical testwork programs aimed at flowsheet development, and was a member of the team that developed the patented Albion Process, a hydrometallurgical process route for the

  • Neutralization of bioleach liquors

    The Journal of The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2000 403 Introduction In both the copper-zinc and the refractory gold bioleach processes developed at Mintek, iron and arsenic are common impurities produced that need control. Besides the need to prevent impurity build-up, these species need to be

  • Mintek demonstrates mine effluent treatment capability and

    Jul 26, 2018· Mintek developed a flow-sheet that includes these technologies, integrated in a manner that treats the water and mine effluent and enables the generation of streams of various water qualities, including drinking water and potable water, treated solids that can be stored on a lined tailings dams as well as product streams containing high concentrations of uranium, gold and base metals.

  • Gold Extraction & Recovery Processes

    Gold recovery with sluices can vary depending on several factors. Fine gold losses can be minimized by cleaning up more frequently, reducing the speed of the slurry flow to around 0.50 to 0.80 m/s., and decreasing the feed size by performing a previous screening.

  • BIOMIN South Africa focuses on efficiency in gold mining

    Aug 18, 2014· BIOMIN South Africa focuses on efficiency in gold mining. BIOMIN South Africa today announced that it has successfully concluded development of its third generation BIOX® design resulting in a bio-oxidation gold refractory solution that is more robust than previously believed, making it a safe and convenient alternative to other refractory ore body extraction processes.


    May 06, 2017· The general flow-sheet of pyrite and arsenopyrite concentrates processing includes the following main process stages: grinding of float gold-bearing concentrate, decarbonization (acid treatment), i.e., the process of preliminary removing carbonate compounds from the float concentrate, autoclave oxidative leaching, solid and liquid separation processes (thickening and filtration of the


    technique to treat refractory gold ores containing pyrite and arsenopyrite. There are two methods of BIOX technology of Biomin Technologies, South Africa, is used under license. The six commercial bio-leaching plants are listed in Table 2. Figure 2 provides a schematic flowsheet of this arrangement. The refractory concentrate is first

  • Refractory Sulfide OresCase Studies - ScienceDirect

    Jan 01, 2016· Case studies are presented covering the processing of refractory gold ores and tailings. The phases of evaluation, flowsheet development, and commissioning are covered. Unit processes considered include biological oxidation, pressure oxidation, and both whole-ore and concentrate roasting. Case studies include Sansu (now Obuasi) in Ghana, Kanowna Belle in Western Australia, and

  • Treatment of refractory gold: more sustainable gold ounces

    Aug 19, 2020· The first refence plant is up and running at the Fairview mine in South Africa. designed for the treatment of refractory gold concentrates, has

  • Mintek is based in Randburg, South Africa

    in the gold processing, water treatment, and food industries. MINATAURTM gold refining process. Annexure to the Report of the Auditor-General South Africa 91 Audited Financial Statements 92 (refractory gold and base metals); Pyrometallurgical refining of inc (PWG

  • Bacterial Vaginosis - 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines

    Treatment. Treatment is recommended for women with symptoms. The established benefits of therapy in nonpregnant women are to relieve vaginal symptoms and signs of infection. Other potential benefits to treatment include reduction in the risk for acquiring C. trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae, T. vaginalis, HIV, and herpes simplex type 2 (592,593,600).

  • Bacterial Leaching - SGS

    method of treating refractory gold and base metal ores or concentrates. SGS Minerals Services has undertaken testing for numerous projects for flowsheet development and optimization including bench scale and pilot plant testing, and audits and troubleshooting at operating plants in

  • Our Story Kell Process

    KellTech Ltd (incorporated in Mauritius) holds the exclusive license in the SADC region and KellTechnology South Africa (RF) Pty Ltd (incorporated in South Africa) is exclusively sub-licensed for the Kell Process in South Africa. Non-exclusive site-based licenses are available to end users in return for technology fees and . production royalties.

  • Edward Musonda - Managing Director & Principal Consultant

    Johannesburg Area, South Africa 500+ connections. Join to Connect flow sheet development and optimisation. Thermophilic Bacterial Leaching of Refractory Gold Ore from Barberton Mine Mar 2006 - Mar 2006. Laboratory and Pilot Plant Metallurgical test work. Controlling the BIOX leaching process of gold at specified conditions

  • Developments and innovations in bacterial oxidation of

    Nov 01, 1991· The Bacterial Oxidation (BIOX®) process for the pre-treatment of refractory ores for gold recovery developed by Genmin, the mining division of Gencor, has been operating successfully at the Fairview Mine since October 1986. The continuous operation of a pilot plant at Genmin Process Research has resulted in further process developments to improve plant operating efficiencies.


    The bulk of the proven ore reserves in Fairview Mine are sulfidic and refractory. The main minerals are pyrite and arsenopyrite with trace amounts of chalcopyrite, sphalerite, stibnite, galena, pyrrhotite and pentlandite. The metallurgical operations at Fairview comprise a typical refractory gold processing plant treating the sulfidic ore

  • Gold-PM Conference

    supervision of testwork, flowsheet development, basic engineering, Outotec (South Africa) APPLICATIONS OF ADVANCED ANALYTICAL AND MASS SPECTROMETRY TECHNIQUES TO THE of the existing technologies and operations that are being used for the treatment of refractory gold

  • The Leachox Refractory Gold Process The Testing, Design

    The Leachox refractory gold process has to date been applied to the selectivetreatment of several refractory gold ores but on a relatively small scale. In this paper the successful implementation of the process, from initial testing through to commissioning at one of the worlds largest refractory gold

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